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14 Jul 2017

The Right Golf Gear For The Game


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Posted By Wilson F.

When you are gearing up for that first school experience, there is one thing that you do not want to be without: the perfect bags. Gear bags are not only essential in that they hold your clubs, shoes, and other accessories, they are also, like any other type of luggage, a reflection of your individual tastes, style, and personality. Some people carry very little in their bags, while others like to show up for their school lessons with an extra set of clubs, four bottles of water, two pairs of shoes, four towels, and a first aid kit. This is why taking the time to discover which type of carrying case is right for you is so important.

For those who prefer a walking game, there are several lightweight models and designs available that are strong and user friendly. These are designed to carry just the basics, and allow for the versatility of a walking game with the ability to carry clubs with greater ease. The style you choose can be anything from a basic, no frills color scheme, to a bright, bouncy hue, although you should keep in mind that while on the fairway, austere colors are really considered to be more par for the course, particularly for the professionals and those who aspire to become professionals.

For those who know that you prefer a cart, then you will want to find one that is specially designed for this purpose, i.e. to fit securely in the cart without tipping over. In this case, the weight of the bag does not matter as much, since you will not be carrying it around on your back, but it is usually a good idea to carry a small, lightweight carry style bag for just the bare essentials so that you will not have to drive your cart to every hole.

The lucky ones have caddies to carry their gear for them, but for most of us, while at school and otherwise, do not have this privilege. If you do, then the weight is not an issue unless you notice that your caddie is having trouble lifting it. Otherwise, remember that even if your bag is strapped to your cart, and especially if you choose a carry bag for your walking game, less is always more.

Last, but not least, price is always a factor. Though it goes without saying that the more money you spend, the more special features and customization options your bag will likely have, but remember, it is not a direct part of your game, its just an accessory to enhance your game presence and keep you from having to carry an armload of clubs across the course.


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